Railay Beah, Thailand Day 2 - Morning fun

I should start this post off by saying there will be a mother ton of photos in my Railay Beach posts of the same places just from different times of day or slightly different angles or whatever. I tried not to put too many in as I took a billion, but Railay Beach was just gorgeous! And I took so many photos in one day I had to split this post into two part. Yeah. 
We woke up our first morning in Railay to a beautiful sunny day. 

Went down for breakfast and they had a ton of different food options. One of which was spaghetti in olive oil so I was happy. 

After breakfast we were going to head to the beach to go swimming! But we had to wait for the towels to get put out at the swimming pool so we would have some. This is the back swimming pool we swam in the day before

And these next photos are from the front swimming pool overlooking Railay East

Ah it was beautiful!

The we headed out to spy on Phra Nang Beach. You can only get to it from Railay East or boat. 

The tide was out on Railay East

The path to the beach goes through some cool rocks. 

And finally to the beach! There is a big cliff off the left hand side of the photo so the sun hadn't made it over that yet and it was still shady. The water was warm and wonderful though


I would take selfies sometimes, but for some reason I always kept my other hand above water when doing so. I didn't even think about it, it just happened. Raymond had to keep telling me to put my hand down!

Oh it was so nice there. The sun slowly making its way over the cliffs. The water a beautiful blue color. So so nice. 

Just look at that water once the sun did make it over 

As you can see there weren't that many people there. Sometimes a boat would come and drop off a bunch of  people for a little bit, they would float in the water for maybe a half hour, then get back on the boat and jet away again. For the most part it was pretty empty. I can imagine in the high season it would be overrun with people and boats bringing them in. Luckily it was the low season while we were there. 

We swam for a few hours until I just couldn't do it anymore. If you have been reading my posts or know me you know I don't like things touching me. No fish or birds or animals like that. Furry animals are fine, but pretty much nothing else. So swimming in the ocean can be really stressful for me. There were a bunch of schools of tiny fish right at the shoreline, but it was easy enough to follow Raymond to get through them. Then I started seeing other fish in the water, bigger fish, but still small, but luckily not too many. Still a bit stressful as I don't want them close to me. But for the most part okay. Then I started getting small stinging spots that would sting for a few minutes then go away. I couldn't figure out what it was until we spied some tiny, clear jelly fish. Like really clear so it was incredibly difficult to see them. Once I really bumped into something and then I was done swimming in the ocean for the morning. It is just too stressful once I did hit something.

We went to spy down the beach a bit before heading to lunch and found a food boat! We didn't eat there, but you could have gotten noodles and smoothies and all kinds of things. 

And we found all of these tiny sand crabs that make these little balls of sand in pretty patterns

The other side of Phra Nang Beach - as far as you could walk

Sand crabby!

On the way back to get some lunch we found more monkeys! They were going through peoples bags and things they left on the beach...I could see where they would be a real problem especially in the high season. 

Now I had read in the guidebook that there was a viewpoint trail you could hike up and see forever. I thought yes! We should do that. Until I saw the trail. Yep, the photo above is the "trail." It is pretty much straight up. With a rope. So we said no. After all of our adventures in Laos we decided to just relax at the beach/pool instead. 

The tide was in at Railay East by the time we got back there

And we ate lunch at the resort restaurant we had eaten at the night prior. Gorgeous view, delicious food, it was wonderful! So that is it for our morning adventures in Railay/Phra Nang Beach!


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