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Campervan Adventures in Iceland: Day 8 - Westman Island, Seljandsfoss

Day 8 we woke up to a sunny beautiful day! Now we had come over to Westman Island the night prior and camped at the campsite and everything I read said if you want to see puffins you have to go early (before 8am) or late (like 10pm) as they go out to sea during the day. So the plan was to get up and get going and see if we could see any. We were waking up around 6 so we shouldn't have been too late, but of course this is the first day I slept in! Till 7! So we rushed around trying to get ready and didn't make it to the puffin viewing point until much later than we wanted...and didn't see any puffins. Though we did see some Fulmar nesting, lots of fancy ducks, and a couple of razorbills which reminded me of penguins!