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Christmas Adventures Part 3 - Salzburg

Man it takes me a while to get our travels posted and so I feel like I am so behind. I mean Christmas posts in Feb? That is just silly. I sit down sometimes and am like okay I am going to write all of this up now! Then I look at all of the photos and I am just like well...maybe I will read a little bit first. Then it never happens,. It just takes forever to go through everything so I apologize for writing about things month(s) later. Oh well, I guess you don't have to read it ;) Anyways, after a lovely Christmas in Vienna we were off to Salzburg! I was super excited for Salzburg because...well I am not really sure. It just seemed like it would be gorgeous. We got in just before dark and headed off to drop out bags in our room before heading off to spy on the last Christmas market which was open for a few more hours. Salzburg is really a small town - the  downtown part you could easily walk through in a day, really you could walk from one end of downtown to the other