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Raymond is the best! Or fun adventures the past 2 months

Raymond is the best! He really is. Sometimes I think how did I ever get so lucky to find him? I mean he is willing to go along with all of my crazy ideas. It is like no matter what my next crazy adventure is he will be fine with it. Hmm...I just realized I don't have a next adventure planned out yet. I mean I have always had a goal to work towards - in high school it was get the heck out of PA for college and live somewhere I liked, then in college I made plans to hike the PCT, then after we did that was planning the wedding, then after that planning on moving to another country and I am just happy being here in Berlin. Maybe Berlin will be the place that I love so much we don't is hard to say since it has only been 7 months, but still every day I think how much I love it here. Anyways whatever the next adventure I am sure Raymond will be up for it, he always is. I mentioned one time how a friend said I was lucky to find him and his response - he is hap