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Snow!! and Christmas Markets

So starting the beginning of December it was time for christmas festivities  I was very excited for this. Really I had been waiting for winter since I got just sounded like christmas time here would be nice. On December 1 we headed out to check out some christmas markets. First up was the one in Spandau which is supposed to be one of the biggest ones. I wasn't sure really what to expect, but I was hoping it would start snowing again to make it christmas magic, and just after we arrived it did start to snow! It had been freezing here and we have been bundling up with long underwear for the first time ever outside of camping which I am just so excited to live somewhere where it gets cold for the winter! Yes it is like -3 C which sounds cold, but somehow it is not too bad.   The market had a stage with people performing christmas songs so you could enjoy as you wandered. There is also tons of food to be had at the markets. We had some fresh potato chips which w

Roller derby & Thanksgiving

After we got back from Paris we had a full 3 days of roller derby to watch! I was very excited - we were here for the first official European roller derby tournament. It was held at Arena and outside there are these weird walls with like people built into the brick. Interesting. The roller derby was amazing! 10 teams from all over Europe were playing and it was just so much fun. All of the teams are very closely matched so the bouts were sooo close! Well all except London who has been around a lot longer and is on a higher level of play - they blew everyone away. We got there and got a program and the one team had the following for their team photos: Auld Reekie has pony power!! Well of course I had to root for them after Berlin. Luckily they didn't meet up so my loyalties wouldn't have to be split. They almost had to battle it out for 3rd place, but luckily it didn't happen so I could fully support the pony power and not feel bad. Man the derby was sooo good

The final days in Paris

Our second day of our museum pass we used to go to the Louvre. It so huge - we spent from open to close there and just managed to see everything. It is also very confusing how to get from point a to point b - so many stairs and up and down floors just to see the one floor....good thing I had Raymond or I would have wondered aimlessly forever (but by the end I had the hang of it). We started with the medieval Louvre, Greek, Etruscan, Roman and Egyptian Antiquities. When we first walked in we were right behind a few tour groups, but somehow we lost them pretty quick and we able to walk around and brows without tons of people. I cannot imagine going during the summer when it is super crowded. I liked the different colors of stone on some of them After that we got some lunch nearby then headed back to look at the paintings Then my favorite part - decorative arts. So much fun pretty things. Replica of Napoleons apartment. Then