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Stralsund, Germany Part 2 - Fishes!

Stralsund is a small town, but it has a ton of fish to spy on! Our second day there we went to the Ozeaneum, a big aquarium on the water. Lots of fishy photos ahead! We got to this big tank while they were giving a talk about the fishes in it. Fun! Raymond is suspicious of the penguins You can see the seats in the middle of the photo here - this was a large room and the photo is taken from the top floor We sat down in the seats for a moment and a recorded presentation started talking about the whales and such It was kind of fun lounging in the big room looking at the giant whales Lunch at Schnittchenfabrik - bread with fancy spreads. There is pepper hummus, Tandoori squash, and a Pea Cashew Ginger one.   They were tasty, but pricey for the amount of food you got.  We relaxed in our room the rest of the afternoon since it was cold and stormy outside, then got dinner a