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Visit from my cousin, Danielle

Alright so I am incredibly behind in my updates to this blog. I only updated this twice last year! That is not good. Really I like having the write up with photos for myself so that is why I am going back and updating with all our old adventures. So to start I have to go back over a year to my cousin Danielle's visit in Oct 2013. I was super excited to have a few days to spend with her. She was studying in Rome and came up on a break and we had so much fun! It was really nice seeing her again.    She came on the last day of the festival of lights - a festival every October where they shine fun lights or video on prominent buildings in Berlin. Raymond and I had checked it out the weekend prior and it was just so so. We figured it got us out and about and you can walk from Alexanderplatz to Brandenburg Gate and see all the fancy buildings so why not? Well the night Danielle was here it was way better and we had a lot of fun. The building in this photo is the Radisson Blue Ho