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It's been a little stormy lately

The past two weeks have been...pretty uneventful. A week ago Friday we went to Raymond's work's anniversary party. It was held at this bar on the rooftop of a building that is set up like a beach with sand and beach chairs and such. A little odd, but apparently a thing here. It was a lot of fun hanging out with his coworkers. Before we went Raymond was just like see - now I take you to fancy work parties :) We got there and you can see forever! It was maybe an 8 story building and that is high enough that there is very little above it. I was talking with a few coworkers significant others and they were asking how I liked it here. I said so far so good and they seemed shocked that I liked it and that we planned and wanted to move here. They were both German, and said that people here are really rude and not that friendly. Really I haven't had any issues - people try and talk to me a lot when I am out shopping and usually the German is beyond my grasp but they are very nice a

Busy busy weekend

So I know I didn't update last week, but that is just because we didn't do anything fun and exciting. Last weekend was overcast and rainy so we went shopping and ran errands on Sat and then snuggled up and watched movies on Sunday (Raymond wanted a lazy day anyways so it worked out :) The above two photos are from a park close to where we had dinner one night. We were looking for some ice cream afterwards and sat in the park near this building - not sure what it was, but there were lots of people milling about. There was also this daycare center or something with blue sheep on top....kind of random. Raymond did however point out that this was the same park we took a nap in when we visited last time. There are all kinds of silly sculptures and such around town which I love. While running errands I came across this painting on the underpass which I loved. I know this is a bunch of random photos, but I liked all the art that is around, even though there is no