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Campervan Adventures in Iceland: Day 9 - Haifoss & Gjáin

Day 9 was a LONG day. If we would have had nicer weather it probably would have been okay, but we didn't. It was cloudy and windy and freezing cold all day with a bit of snow in the morning. This was a day that I hadn't originally planned on doing, but just before the trip someone asked in the Iceland travel group about this road and if you could walk to Haifoss and everyone said yes, but it is a 7km walk, but the waterfall is one of the best in Iceland! So since we had time and that is not that far to walk we decided to check it out. We arrived and there was a sign on the road stating 4x4 only - I had read that it was a gravel road to the waterfall, but not an F road so anyone could technically do it so we were going to spy, but we are rule followers and we didn't have a 4x4 so we parked off the side of the road and started walking.