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Laos 2015 - Vientiane Day 1

  Sunrise on the train to Nong Khai  Wow writing up out Laos/Thailand trip seems to be a bit daunting at the moment. It was such a long, amazing trip with so many fun adventures it will take a while to get it all down. Tons of photos, two small journals filled with words, lots to get through. It was an amazing trip though. I loved Laos so so much. I miss it. Even though it was WAY too hot and humid for me I still miss being there. It is just such a different way of life. So laid back, so peaceful and just absolutely beautiful. If anyone is headed to SE Asia I highly recommend Laos. Thailand is okay - there are some nice beaches and such, but Laos...Laos is where it's at. The people, the food, the scenery, it was all amazing. We definitely will be back to explore more of the country. So on to our adventures!   We left Berlin on a Friday night heading to Bangkok via Abu Dhabi. The flight was fine, though my legs did not fit in the seat which is always lame. 6 hour flight,