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Hamburg Fun 2017

On the way home from our Pokemon adventures in Oberhausen last year we stopped for a few days in Hamburg! We explored Planten und Blomen park which is one of my favorite parks. It goes on forever, has lots of flowers and water and fun things to explore.  These spun around and were kind of like an optical illusion thing Walking over the water A fun playground in the park! I don't know that Raymond had as much fun as I did as I was playing on all the things. But there were no kids around so I could do all the things! In the conservatory Lots of fun plants And a cactus room! The conservatory from outside Fun water! And more fun! We also went to spy on the new Elbphilharmonie. You have to get a ticket, but they are free to go to the viewing deck on the top.  Hamburg from the top! Always playing Pokemon! Stormy clouds We had a public