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The Maldives!! Day 1 at The Adaaran Prestige Vadoo

Ah the Maldives. I wish I were still there! Swimming in my pool, eating all the tasty foods, watching all the fish and sharks swim by. It was wonderful and so so so beautiful! The color of the water was unreal. It is kind of crazy as the whole country is just a bunch of small islands in the Indian Ocean. The airport is on a larger island, but it is still not that big. Most of it seems to be the runway. So as soon as you get off the plane and through customs it is welcome to the beautiful water! We flew overnight and Raymond slept some on the plane, but my ears were bothering me so I didn't really. Closed my eyes for a bit, but was surprisingly awake once we got there. Oh it was amazing. While we were landing there was one lady who must have had something not good going on with her ears as she kept whimpering and crying and it was not good. I felt bad as my ears always give me problems, but usually not super bad and never as bad as that.  Just a side note - I have a lot of po