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Colmar, France Part 1 - Wandering around town

After our time in Switzerland it was off to France. Colmar to be exact. I had looked for some places between Luzern and Luxembourg (our next stop) and everyone said Colmar was a super cute, small French town, close to the border with Germany and we had never been so why not? We got in around lunchtime so we dropped our bags off and headed to Le Stam for lunch. Raymond had a spatzel which he said was delicious And I had the veggie soup and salad....which the soup was WAY too salty and the salad was not that good either. Definitely not a place to go back to if you are vegan...Really France is the only place we have traveled where it is more difficult as a vegan. Normally I can find somewhere to eat and the food is good, but France you have to really search to find someplace (I had looked up places before we went, but only found 3 places in the city...) Then we wandered around town. Now everyone said Colmar is super cute, super pretty town, which...You had some nice spot