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Campervan Adventures in Spain & Portugal: Playa de la Franca, Comillas, Playa de la Arnía, Santander

Today was such a fun day! We woke up to rain and lots of low clouds, more than the day prior, so we decided to head on from where we were. First stop - Playa de la Franca! The tide was out so there were lots of exposed rocks to spy on There were so many of these guys on the rocks! It was so nice. I love all these rocky beaches! Then it was on to Comillas which I really only had that there is a Gaudi building here so we didn't think we would spend that much time here. It was raining pretty hard when we got here, but luckily it quickly stopped and we had a wander and found all the things! It was actually a really nice small town! There were signs at all the main spots for a tour of the town First stop was the cemetery The beach looked really nice! A wander through Parque Güell y Martos Then through town Inside Iglesia San Cristóbal de Comillas The Gaudi house It really was a nice small town to wander through! We headed on to the next stop, but it was lunchtime so we stopped at this s