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Seattle Adventures Part 1

Well we just got back from an amazing trip back home to Seattle to visit friends and family and eat lots of yummy foods! We got up early and had a lovely sunrise in Berlin as we made our way to the airport.   Alright so I keep trying to type this out, and during the day I just have a really hard time writing. I am not sure why...I have sat down every day this week, and a few last to try and write up our trip to Seattle and I have two sentences to show for it. It is odd as in the evening I am more likely to write, but also Raymond is home so I am more likely to do something else. Then when I go to sleep I am up forever going over what I will write in my head, until the next day when I go to write it and nothing. So strange. Anyways it is evening now, we are watching some X Files and it is now time to write! I only write once the sun goes down apparently. Alright back to our trip. We flew Lufthansa this trip and I must say I was impressed. That was the most comfortable flight I hav