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Showing posts from February 12, 2016

Bangkok, Thailand

  Ah Bangkok. I wasn't sure I would really enjoy Bangkok so I didn't plan to spend much time there. I figured we could always come back another time if we wanted to. As it was we got in early in the morning from the overnight train from Chiang Mai then left on the evening overnight train to head south to Krabi. We had about 12 hours to spend in the city exploring and eating all the foods. I actually think that was a good amount of time. We managed to see everything we wanted and neither of us really loved the city that much so we were fine leaving that evening.   We had arrived about 7am, put our bags in storage, and started walking towards Chinatown where the heart of the vegetarian festival would be while searching for some breakfast.   Not much was open yet, but we did find some fried dumplings which were delicious   And then a sit down place that had noodles and tofu and lots of locals eating there.    Chinatown   The main road for the vegetarian