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The Maldives day 9: Christmas Day at Kuramathi part 2

After our Christmas morning adventures spying on all the fishes in the semi-submarine it was time for lunch

Aglio Olio for me
And one of the stuffed pastas for Raymond
Look how much fun I am having! ;)
Then we got our own desserts - I went for the raspberry sorbet with strawberry sauce and chocolate chips - so tasty!!
Raymond had a sundae
Once again spying on the water after lunch as it is just gorgeous there!
A lizard friend we saw on our walk back to our room
The main road through the island

Morning Glories outside our front door
And back to the room for some water out of fancy glasses and more swimming!
It was low tide so not good for snorkeling

The overwater bungalows as seen from our pool. We were in our pool all the time. It was one of the reasons why we went to Kuramathi - they had rooms with private pools that were in our price range. And I loved it! But there were lots of other rooms with pools around, the ones over the water which were not available at the time I booked and…