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Nong Khiaw, Laos Day 1

Oh Nong Khiaw. I could have spent many more days just relaxing in a hammock and having crazy adventures there. This town was definitely my favorite stop on the trip. Everyone we met there was so nice, hardly any tourists (it is a stop farther than most people seem to go, seems as though most people stop when they get to Luang Prabang, but man are they missing out!) and just absolutely beautiful. Really stunning. Like if it weren't so hot and humid and other such things I could see myself living there. I loved it so much. And even though everything was a bit of an adventure from here on out, a bit more exciting than we had planned, I wouldn't have changed it. But first a few photos from the last morning breakfast in Luang Prabang Breakfast of champions - fruit (not sure what all of it was so I only ate what I knew wasn't mango or papaya and gave Raymond the rest), bread, and orange juice. See how neon orange it is? That is how all of the orange juice we tried was. Even