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Sassnitz 2014

Well I am doing pretty good at keep these posts about a year behind...Not exactly what I had planned, but hopefully I will catch up. So just over a year ago we went up to Sassnitz and Jasmund National Park for a long weekend. We had some vacation time to use up so we headed up to the coast since we hadn't yet. When looking for places to go explore along the Baltic coast I found the chalk cliffs of Jasmund National Park and that sounded fun so off we went! This will be a lot of photos of our walks along the cliffs and beaches. First views of the pedestrian bride that goes from the docks to the town on the hill. We arrived at lunchtime and it was sunny out so we ate sandwiches while waiting to check in We wandered around town that afternoon. The waterfront was very nice to walk along    There were lots of old foundations and stuff   It was chilly,but sunny and beautiful   Then suddenly it was crazy foggy! It was clear one minute, then the ne