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A little bit of sunshine

So last week it finally got to be summer and super hot and sunny here in Berlin. I think it was in the 90's most of the week and it is a good thing there are so many eis cafes around or I would have melted. It was a nice week - picnics in the park, eating lots of ice cream, cooling off in our apt. We were going to go swimming on Sat at one of the lakes, but then Sat was supposed to be overcast and thunderstorms so maybe this weekend. Sat we got up and went down to this veggie french bakery for a vegan brunch - I was told there would be croissants and crepes and such all vegan and all you can eat so I was pretty excited. We got there...and no croissants! There were crepes with jelly for filling and a few other things but nothing very exciting. I was very disappointed. Though since it was supposed to rain we took the subway down and on the way I noticed lots of markets so we had lot of adventures exploring on the way home. There were markets everywhere, but most of them a

The First Two Weeks

From In Berlin Hello! So I have been here just over 2 weeks now which is a bit crazy and things are finally coming together. I really like our apartment. Lots of room and it is very quiet as we are a block off the main road. We finally got some furniture last week so the place is not as empty and we actually have chairs to sit on and a bed to sleep in (that is not the noisy air mattress). I even have my craft table set up, but I am still looking for storage for my fabrics and such (the ones I wanted were out of stock). Yesterday I sewed up curtains for the front windows so we can have the privacy blinds (big metal blinds that come down and cover the front windows and are on most of the ground floor windows around town) up and Raymond won't freak out that people can see in.The bedroom/my craft room is pretty much done. The back of the house gets much better light during the day so I set up shop back there to take advantage of it. If I worked in the front rooms I would need the

Hello from Berlin!

This blog started as a way to detail all of our adventures in life starting with hiking the PCT in 2008. I haven't kept up with it and I didn't write about any of our smaller adventures we have had since then. However after plotting and planning for almost 2 years we have moved to Berlin so I think this is a great time to write about this newest adventure! Not sure how often I will update it but whenever I have something to say :) So why and how did we end up here? Well we visited Europe in 2010 just for fun and to see if we could find a city we might want to move to. We both instantly loved Berlin. We were here in late Sept mid week and just had an amazing time and it just felt like home. We were walking around and it felt like a weekend day - we were just our and about eating, lounging in the park, etc. Once we got back we saved like crazy since we thought we would have to go back to school (school is free but you have to prove you can live for a year without working so