Den Haag, Netherlands Part 3

Our last day in Den Haag we wandered around just a bit more

First stop - the Antique and Book market

The ground was all seashells

Mondrian on the water by the government buildings

We decided to get lunch at Cafe Zeta which was in Grote Markt where they were having a free music festival, Sinester. Though we were there on the last day which was the kids day. It was fun as we were sitting outside and at the stage people were teaching kids how to play things and DJ and stuff. 

I got the Hippie Buddah Bowl (Bulgur, sweet potato, bald, roasted chickpeas, tahini dressing, avocado, black sesame seeds) with the Fennel mint pear juice

And Raymond had the Apple Pear Ginger juice and the Veggie Roast Bowl (mushrooms, red onion rings, rocket, Parmesan cheese, olive oil). Super tasty lunch!

A stop at More Pastry for more treats - Peanut butter chocolate tart - so good!

And the Mondrian cake - Yum!

Then off to the train station to head to Amsterdam. Den Haag was a lot of fun!


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