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Shared Gear

This is a list of essential gear that Jen and I will be distributing between our packs. Mainly I'm just jogging my mind and tracking what we have (we should have everything we need now).
TentJen's handmade tarp tentJen's Leki poles for structureMSR StakesRopeTyvek ground sheet
StoveSnow Peak Giga Stove Titanium 3 oz.FuelEvernew Titanium Pot
Water Filtration/PurificationSawyer Water Filter + Nalgene Wide Mouth Canteen - 48 fl oz.Food (Jen is the planner. She has our eating schedule down to the minute - I'm just noting notables)
Ziploc freezer bags of good eats (dinners)
stove is meant for bring water just to boil then food is cooked (rehydrated/heated) by pouring hot water directly into bagsalso serves as bowl
Dehydrated fruits and veggies
Dehydrated kiwi is deliciousDehydrated "meats" (added to soups, jerky, etc.)
Morningstar Farms SausagesGardenburgersQuinoa is superfood
Jen has an average of 3 to 5 days of food to be carried on our backs per time between towns.Fir…