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Big Bear!

So we have made it over 250 miles!! Pretty amazing when I think about it.....kind of crazy we have walked that far. It has been great thus far. I am loving it. Though we are about to go into the really hot desert section so...But here are some photos from this last bit Our very dirty clothes. We had to fill the tub like 4 times to get the water to not get to that dark brown color. Amazing how dirty things get in the desert And I did not realize we had to watch out for.... Killer Trees!!! We woke up one morning in the clouds. So we packed up and started walking and we got to this boulder field that was amazing! The clouds were rolling in and then they would start to retreat and then come in again....we sat and ate breakfast there. It was one of my favorite parts of the trip thus far as it was gorgeous! It was amazing. The ground was just like one big rock with boulders on it. Absolutely gorgeous! I also didn't realize I had to watch out for cheerleaders..... And squirrels.....there

May 15, 2008

5/15/08.mp3 Location N 34 16.013' W 116 50.793'