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Summer fun

So I know I haven't been updating much, but I just haven't had much to say. We have been in Berlin for over a year now, and it is still amazing. We still love it so much, but it is also just like this is our life now. It has lost some of the wonder of being in a new place, and is just amazing on its own. So not sure how often I will be updating going forward. Anyways it is summer here now and amazing! Summer really is nice here. Everyone out and about, festivals and street fairs even weekend, lots of things to do and beautiful weather to enjoy. Let's see what fun have we been up to. Well the weekend after Belgium there was the Carnival of Cultures which I had been hearing about all over the place. We went to check it out and well...there were a TON of mojito stands. Some foods too, but tons of alcohol. So what did we do? Drink lots of mojitos of course! So refreshing on a hot sunny day. Then we walked down to see if we could see some of the parade. Now we knew the route

Brussels, Belgium

Oh Brussels. What a weird and not very nice place. I mean I really liked it visually and exploring all the little alley streets and such, but the people....the people were the rudest most unfriendly/unhappy people I have ever encountered anywhere. And it was everyone. People waiting on us in restaurants, in stores, on the streets, everyone. It was so strange. I would have loved the city if not for the people. I just don't get it. Gent was more Dutch, everything was written in Dutch and such, but Brussels is very French. Everyone speaks French, everything is written in French, it is just French. Which is odd in and of itself to be in the same country but go from one language to a very different one. Anyways so I know French people are supposed to be kind of rude and stuff, but we have never really had any issues while in France. Yes they are not always happy, but we only really had one guy be rude to us in Cannes and everyone else was alright. It still blows me away thinking abo