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Oudamxay, Laos

  We woke up in Muang Khua to a rainy day again. I think we got pretty lucky with the weather as it rained a lot, but only while we were sleeping so it didn't matter that much. Made the trails muddier for hiking, but whatever. We were awoken at 6am when loud music plays through town. It is like an alarm clock for the town. We were getting up around then anyway, but man that would be annoying if you wanted to sleep in. Above is looking towards the boat dock from the patio at our hotel.    And looking farther up the road   There were a lot of houses with lots of color. If you enlarge the photo you can see the blue/red pattern better. Lots of pinks and purples around town as well.    Eating breakfast (fried rice) and watching people walking in the rain   After breakfast we headed out to the bus station to head to Oudamxay. This was the first time riding on an actual bus! Sure it was a bit run down, the seats a bit rickety, but it was fine. The windows opened s