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Christmas adventure Part 2 - Vienna

So after a short visit in Prague we were off to Vienna. We took a bus instead of the train as the trains were already full and I was expecting like Greyhound bus and not very fun (I really dislike taking the bus anywhere). This however was great! They gave you reading materials if you wanted them, hot beverages, played movies and tv's and gave you headphones to listen to that or music and it was great. Unfortunately I couldn't read on the bus as it made me motion sick but other than that is was awesome. We arrive after dark and it was still raining in Vienna. We took the subway from the bus stop right to downtown which had so many lights up for Christmas. Unfortunately since it was all rainy it wasn't the nicest for just wandering, and we were on the hunt for some Christmas markets. There were lots of fancy stores in the downtown area. In the photo above it was this fancy jewelry store and the gold things that look kind of like ballet slippers or something a