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Four Brits Book Fest Trip, Birmingham UK

Last weekend I went up to Birmingham with my friend Jenny for an author event. It was so much fun! I have never been to Birmingham (at least I don't think we went there back in the day when I traveled through England) and we didn't have that much time to really explore the city. Really the trip was to meet some amazing authors, talk about books with other people who are just as obsessed as we are, and see my friend Lou. It was an amazing weekend and I came home with so many books! Fun times. We arrived Friday early afternoon. After some flight delays and sitting on the airplane forever waiting for stairs so we could get off, finding the hotel and getting checked in, we were both starving. So we found a place to go get some food and called up an Uber and we were off. Only the place we were going to was closed (the driver asked us to check and make sure before we got over to it) and he took us downtown instead to this strange mall that had tons of restaurants and such in