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Flam, Norway Day 1

After two days in Oslo we headed off in the morning to Flam. I was excited as the train ride there looked really nice and Flam is a tiny town in the fjords. We packed some burrito bowls for lunch. The train went up in the mountains through snow! This was the end of May last year Switching trains in Myrdal - so much snow! There is a trail down the valley to Flam from here, and originally I thought maybe we would do that, but it is good we didn't because we were definitely not prepared for lots of steep snow hiking.  The train down says it is one of the most beautiful train rides in the world! There were tons of small waterfalls trickling down everywhere and the lady sitting across from us pointed out every single one. "Look! A Waterfall!!" She was super excited about all of them On the way down they tell you some history and the train stops a few times so you can get out for a min and take a photo