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Zurich, Switzerland Part 3

Our last day in Zurich we went out to Uetilberg to check out the views On the walk to the viewpoint, there is part of the solar system trail. The planets are to scale compared to the sun (above) and the distance is to scale as well Mercury is a tiny dot in the blue Venus is slightly larger And the last planet we saw on the trail - Earth Some fun lights And the viewing platform Benches at the overlook It was beautiful! Still clouds covering the mountains in the distance, but it was still really gorgeous The viewpoint from the viewing platform (the viewing platform cost a euro) And the view from the viewpoint on the ground A weird zoo(?) thing by the train station And back to Zurich for lunch But first - the Polybahn! It was closed the day prior so we couldn't ride it then when we rode the other two This takes you up to the university