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Seattle Adventures Part 2

Yesterday we were walking around and Raymond asked if I had posted about Seattle yet. I said I have been working on it and will get it done eventually. Then he was like yeah Seattle is a nice place to visit, but I don't know if I could live there again. I agree - I don't like it as much as I did when we lived there. I mean it is a nice city and I did enjoy our visit, but now we have Berlin to compare it to and Berlin is soooo much more amazing it is hard to imagine going back there permanently. That I suppose is one of the problems with living in an amazing city - you don't want to leave! Anyways back to Seattle. So on Monday we got up after Gillian and Jesse had left for work and again went to Wayward for breakfast. We had to eat there as often as we could since you cannot get food like that here in Berlin. Afterwards we walked down the Ave and spied on different places checking out what was new and different. After that we walked down 45th to th

Seattle Adventures Part 1

Well we just got back from an amazing trip back home to Seattle to visit friends and family and eat lots of yummy foods! We got up early and had a lovely sunrise in Berlin as we made our way to the airport.   Alright so I keep trying to type this out, and during the day I just have a really hard time writing. I am not sure why...I have sat down every day this week, and a few last to try and write up our trip to Seattle and I have two sentences to show for it. It is odd as in the evening I am more likely to write, but also Raymond is home so I am more likely to do something else. Then when I go to sleep I am up forever going over what I will write in my head, until the next day when I go to write it and nothing. So strange. Anyways it is evening now, we are watching some X Files and it is now time to write! I only write once the sun goes down apparently. Alright back to our trip. We flew Lufthansa this trip and I must say I was impressed. That was the most comfortable flight I hav