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Christmas in Lanzarote 2017 - Part 3

My family left Lanzarote a day before Raymond's did so on their last day there they rented a car and we drove around exploring the island a bit. First up was Playa Papagayo!  It was pretty far away from everything and you had to drive down a long dirt road To get to the top of the cliffs! We were there early so there weren't that many other people there and it was still too cold for swimming! At least for me Raymond did swim a little bit cause he is crazy! Raymond playing with the camera underwater It was really nice, but it was definitely starting to get more crowded when we left. I'm sure in the afternoon there are a lot more people.  After Papagayo we went into town and got some lunch at an Indian restaurant with this view! In the afternoon we headed to Parque Nacional de Timanfaya - Montanas del Fuego to check out the old lava flows and volca