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Such hardships we have to face here....

One day on the weekend we usually get baked goods from the bakery for breakfast because it is a) super cheap and b) super tasty. We always get the same thing - a pretzel or pretzel stick and a sesame ring. The sesame rings are delicious and huge! Just look at Raymond eating his!I usually break it up into pieces so I never quite realized how big they were (though they are light and airy). Delicious! I have been on the hunt to try and find a local organic market for a while now. They have a ton of markets here, but the produce is from all over and most is not organic. I scoured the internets and found one not too far away that we could check out so we did. It was listed as amazing with all local organic things and it sounded perfect! I was hoping there would be a lot of produce vendors as it had clothing and such also listed. Well we go to check it out Raymond said I think you were tricked. I was soooo disappointed. I mean there were like 2 organic vendors and that was i

It is getting chilly

Fall is here for real. It is getting cold and as Raymond said the other day he thinks it is just going to keep getting colder. It will be interesting to see what the city is like over the winter. So what have we been up to? Well I finally am feeling better. I made myself be lazy for a while to make sure and that was probably good as now I am good as new! We went to a housewarming party for some of Raymond's coworkers last Friday and had a good time. They had no furniture yet so it was a big empty room, but they were on the top floor and have a balcony and it was nice (though imagining carrying all of the furniture up the billion flights of steps...that is crazy). We talked with some people who don't work with Raymond and it was really nice. The one guy was telling us about this cooking club he goes to where you cook meals and then eat together and how he is trying to make them more vegan friendly. Apparently last months was all vegan and delicious! If only we had known....I