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Showing posts from November 17, 2015

Vang Vieng, Laos

Oh Vang Vieng. I have a love hate relationship with that town. Well more with the area. I love the area, there are so many amazing outdoorsy things to do, but I did not like the town. At all. It is just one big tourist party town. Apparently it used to be super party central, but then too many tourists died while drunk and tubing (tubing down the river going bar to bar all day) and the government cracked down on it. There are still more bars there then we saw anywhere and they all had ridiculous signs for free booze or other souvenirs if you drink there. Free t-shirt with alcohol purchase! Free drinks 8-9pm! Buy one get one free drinks! Free shots with every purchase! Drink all the alcohol!! I'm really glad we were there during the low season as I cannot imagine I would have like it at all if there were even more people partying it up there. It was like what I imagine MTV Spring Break to be like. I don't know for sure as I never did that party all day spring break thing, but