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So I did not realize I had pictures from so long ago! The new ones are starting in Agua Dulce! Crazy. Anyways here are a few that I just uploaded: When walking on from the Sauffleys we came upon this water cache run by the Andersons! How could we not stop at the Anderson's after seeing this? Obviously there were my kind of people. We ended up spending the night here :) There was also the promise of pancakes and the legendary taco salad at the Andersons. Seriously I was sold. It was delicious!! They have a sheet they put up every year and eveyone who comes by has to sign it. Raymond drew ours (Raytron 3000 and Fembot are our names on the trail). And here we are with them when we finally left......seriously some of the nicest people I have ever met. Celebrating 500 miles I never was one to pay attention to the signs..... Sitting out the heat of the day under a bridge mmmmm....milkshakes Smoke at Kennedy Meadows...we woke up the next morning to ash on our tent. Finally out of the dese


So I know we haven't updated in forever.....but we have REALLY been in the middle of nowhere. The section through the high Sierras is at least a 9 mile hike out to a road where you might get a ride down to a town (and we did that 9 mile stretch and the library there was....tiny and not very well organized). So we haven't been anywhere were the internet connection was good enough to upload anything, but Raymond is working on uploading the last few that we had from before The Sauffley's. But I am working on uploading the rest of the pictures we have taken so far, and depending on time I may make a post highlighting some of them. Raymond put a link to the pics on the side so you can just click that to see what we have been walking through. We have fallen a little farther behind now, but we are not really worried. This last section, the high Sierras, was exhausting! And I was not about to try and do more as then we wouldn't have been enjoying it....and if I am not enjoying


Sorry for the no posts lately. I'm at the library today in town and am uploading some more of Jen's podcast entries. It's hard to find a computer with a decent connection to the internet out here in the backcountry - let alone a computer at all. Most people and libraries out here have had slow satellite connections that would be of no use for uploading a 50mb audio file to the internet. So hopefully by the end of my time on this computer I will have some more entries for you to listen to. They will of course be time delayed again - so only one post a day. :)

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