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Railay Beach, Thailand - Day 3

  Railay Beach day 3 started off alright. After brekkie we headed over to Railay West and saw that the water was way out so we decided to check out Ton Sai Beach.   Tons of sand crabbies   We noticed some people were not using the path, but walking on the jaggy rocks since the tide was so low so we went to check that out   Raymond had gone ahead a bit and said it wasn't really easy to get through so we turned back   So we went up the normal path and oh my goodness. I was dying. It wasn't particularly hard or long, but it was so humid so it was really slow going. We got to Ton Sai and it was pretty enough   But the water wasn't very deep and it was really dirty so I didn't really want to swim in it (even though I definitely could have used the cool down in the water). We didn't stay long and just headed back to Railay West right away to swim!   Much nicer! There weren't very many people out an