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When I was planning our train trip around Europe this spring I definitely wanted to stop by Luxembourg. I didn't know much about the country, but I did know that my friend lives here! So we stopped here on our travels to visit with her.  We arrived in Luxembourg City Sunday evening and wandered around a bit Before getting some dinner at Chi Chi's Mexican restaurant - veggie fajitas! And tasty beverages. Yum! The restaurant is right on the edge of a large square, Place d'Armes, and shortly after we sat down this band started playing music in the pavilion in the square! Live music for our dinner Then we wandered down to the edge of the old town & the giant ravine that runs through the city! I didn't know anything about Luxembourg city when we got there, but the ravine was pretty cool. It is all parks and such, a small town area, exercise places, a river, lots of fun to be had in the ravine! T