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Paris Day 3

Man I took a lot of photos in Paris. Alright so on to day 3 - I am going to try and get everything from that day into one post, so this might be really long. we got up early on Day 3 and got down to the Pantheon just before 10 when it opens. We sat outside and had a baguette breakfast (note - we thought oh we will just go down that way and than on the walk to the Pantheon we will come across a bakery and just get a baguette to eat for breakfast. This is not Berlin. There is not a bakery on every corner so we wandered quite a bit before we found a chocolate shop that had some). The inside was nice. It used to be a church but is no longer used for that purpose. In the middle of the main room where the people are standing in the photo is Foucault's pendulum which apparently demonstrates the rotation of the earth. it was interesting. The walls were lined with hige murals of St Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris in various scenes. The back of the church.