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About the no audio

We have audio, just no way of getting it up for you guys as of yet. All the computers we have been able to make use of have been locked down like Fort Knox. At the library in Julian we couldn't even access our camera pictures. Fortunately, here in Warner Springs we were able to upload all the photos we have taken. Until I find a Windows computer that isn't completely restricted and can read a usb mass storage device properly, or a place that has a Mac, we won't be able to share our podcasts with you. If you are reading this message because you have subscribed to our podcast feed or email updates, make sure you visit the main blog to see the photos and any other non-podcast posts we make.

No audio yet......

But we have gotten to a computer where we could upload photos. SO here are a few from our first week! Eventually they will all be uploaded to my photobucket account (bbarnicle22 under pct photos), but the computer here is really slow so I just chose a few to share for now. Here we are at the border! Phillip and Dana, me and Raymond. There was a minuteman person there who took the photo for us. And we are off and running! The view from the border looking North Raymond at mile 1! I thought awesome there are mile markers.....well only the one :( and occasionally a marker for how far to a certain place. The view from our campsite high in the mountains the first night. Along the trail the second day (heading to Lake Morena) Our first snake! Some wildflowers along the trail the third day. The third day was absolutely beautiful!! Mt Laguna store and post office. We got here the night before and had delicious Klondik bars! Sooo good after a long hot day of hiking! Our tent set up and Raymond b

May 4, 2008

5/4/08.mp3 Location N 33 16.845' W 116 37.903'