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Amsterdam, Netherlands Part 1

Alright. Amsterdam. Not my favorite city. Really it is just not really the city for me. I am not into smoking pot or drinking beer or ogling at ladies in the red light district or riding my bike around all crazy or anything that Amsterdam is all about. I enjoyed our time there, is just not the place for me. My one friend went in the winter last year and really enjoyed it, but I don't think it was as crowded as it was when we were there. You smelled pot everywhere which is not that good for me.  Above is the view from our room Wandering around was nice, there were just too many people! Westernmarkt We went to Meatless District for dinner Stuffed zucchini blossoms Fried cauliflower with pea puree, harissa, cauliflower puree and naan Naked burger - seitan patty with sweet potato fries and toppings Battered broccoli with asparagus, samphire, and mustard sauce. Everything was super tasty, but it was really greasy with a