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Brugge, Belgium - After the Procession

Just a few more photos from Brugge! After the Procession of the Holy Blood we wandered along the water back towards where we were staying. Kind of a round about way to go there and we came across a big festival we wandered through.  It was really a gorgeous day out and Brugge is beautiful!  Then it was off to dinner at Reliva. This was a fancier place that had lots of vegan options in Brugge and it was delicious! My tea came with lots of treats Roasted cauliflower - so tasty! Curry Raw lasagna - so tasty! Chocolate mousse for dessert. We were so stuffed, but wanted to try it. Luckily it was not very big and we shared. Overall super tasty dinner.  Then we walked back to the main square to see if they had removed some of the stadium seating and check out the buildings at night. The seating was still there, but it was nice to sit and enjoy the night Saw thes