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Den Haag, Netherlands Part 2 - Giving the beach another try and more wandering

The morning after our disaster of a trip to the beach I said okay, why don't we give this beach thing another try since it is early and not too hot yet. It was MUCH better than the day prior Giant hotel on the beach Signs so you know where your stuff it We still didn't stay that long at the beach as it was just okay Statues outside the theatre Can't tell me what to do! Art downtown A urinal in the middle of the park - perfect... Old Ministry of Justice Mauritshuis Museum The Knights' Hall Fountain in Binnenhof Water by the government buildings Prison gate museum Fancy vegan treats at More Pastry Taking a break outside More With a brownie And a berry tart - delicious! Noordeinde Palace Modrian is everywhere! Taking a break in the Palace Gardens With f