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The Maldives Day 8: Christmas Eve at Kuramathi

Christmas Eve in the Maldives was wonderful, even if it started a bit too early. There were lots of birds making a racket outside that woke me up way too early and I noticed Raymond was not in the bed. I looked around and he wasn't in the room so I thought maybe he is out reading on the deck like last time. Nope! He was in the pool! He loved the pool, somehow even more than I do which is crazy as I love swimming! He was in the pool every chance he got. He is so silly. We started off the day with a nice breakfast by the water.  When we went back to our room they were cleaning it so we headed over to the beach to hang out for a bit. Look at all the hermit crabbie tracks! Fruit bats! You see lots of them flying around, but it is hard to get them in a photo as they are so quick! We hung out at the beach for a bit, then spied on the room and they were still cleaning so we went to the bar for some beverages. Really after this morning I always brought out swim