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The Maldives Day 6: Arrival at Kuramathi

Day 6 in the Maldives started with a transfer to our second stop - Kuramathi Island Resort! To get there we had to go back to the airport and take a small seaplane. This was my first time flying on a plane this small. I think it held about 14 people really jammed together. I thought it would be a much rockier flight, but it wasn't bad. Plus we got to see the Maldives from above! It was only a 20-minute flight so pretty quick. 

It was gorgeous! And kind of crazy looking from above. So many rings in the ocean that were beautiful. 

It made me think of a petri dish or something. 
It was crazy! I loved it!

We landed out on the water
And took a quick boat ride over to the island
Someone was waiting for us when we arrived and took us to the check-in desk at the other side of the island. Kuramathi is almost 2km long, so a bit bigger than the last stop. At first I was a bit sad and missing our tiny island, but honestly if we were to go back I would definitely come back to Kuramathi and sk…