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Krabi Town, Thailand - Day 1

  Ah another lazy day, especially because it was hot and humid. We got up and ate brekkie then went to catch the boat to go to Krabi Town. Originally we were going to go to one of the islands, but since it was the low season no boats were really running so we thought Krabi Town it is. When we checked out you had to wait for them to check the room and make sure nothing was broken/missing which was fine. Though there was another lady there throwing a hissy fit. She was complaining so much about how she doesn't have time for this, how the boat is going to leave without her, how she needs to leave right now!! Then she had to pay for a candy bar and that was another hissy fit. She ate it, she just didn't want to pay for it. And she was like "the wrapper was open when I got it by the way" so she shouldn't have to pay for it. Um okay, so why did you eat it then? Why didn't you put it back or take it to the front desk or something? You still ate it, you still have