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Luang Prabang, Laos Day 3

Ah day three in Luang Prabang was one of my favorites of the trip. We took a cooking class at Tamarind! It was so much fun and I loved it! Plus we learned how to make so much tasty food! I really loved the food in Laos, it is perfect for hot weather, and so easy to make. We took the full day class which started off with a tour of the Phosy Market which we wanted to check out anyway so why not with someone who can tell us what everything is that we don't recognize? Really it was very helpful and informative. The teacher was really nice and telling jokes the whole time. Above he is telling us about all the produce. Just to the left of the lady in the photo is some wood - he said that is to make dishes "Lao spicy". You just put a piece of the wood in your dish while it is cooking... Herbs and pumpkin vines - I never knew you could eat them! Also a lot of the herbs and greens come from the jungle. People pick it and then sell it at the market. The black disks ar