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The Maldives day 4 at The Adaaran Prestige Vadoo

Our third day was another relaxing lazy day for me. We got up and had breakfast then went to go back to our room, but they were cleaning so we hung out at the end of the pier until they were done. It wasn't windy so you could see all the fishes along the walkway! So many fishes! And so pretty! It might be hard to see (I think if you click the photo you will get a larger version), but there are lots of tiny black and white striped fish in the coral there. They were so tiny! The end of the pier The island from the pier - it was really small Trying to get the difference between with and without my sunglasses... We got back to the room and Raymond went snorkeling while I swam in out little pool! His goggles kept fogging up so I searched for how to make it so they didn't. Ended up cleaning them with some toothpaste and that worked perfectly! A video posted by Raymond May Jr (@octatone) on