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Fun fun fun!

So I just saw the cutest thing. So there is this older couple who lives in our apt building and are super friendly and nice. I was walking back from the store and noticed the older lady come out on the balcony above our apt. A few seconds later the older man walks out the front door, walks a few steps down the side walk then turns and blows a kiss to the lady before continuing on his way. It was so cute! I thought I hope I am as happy and sweet as they are when I am their age. It was like a scene from a movie. It really made my day. Now what we have been up to. It's been pretty cold and snowy until this week. I think spring might finally be here! The weekend after we returned from Seattle was quite busy. That Sat we had the long night at the museum - something like 70 museums open until 2am and the ticket included a shuttle bus between clumps of museums. We started the night off out at Charlottenburg Palace as I have wanted to go inside ever since we rode past on a bike