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The Maldives Day 11: Kuramathi Island Resort - Fun beach finds and sunset on the sandbank

Are you guys getting tired of all the photos of the same place? Well it is almost over! Just two more posts to go.  Big shark! Fruit bats eating the fruit! We really just swam all day! Raymond went snorkeling again in the morning and I was in the pool almost the entire day - just out for lunch and to get more cold beverages! Can anyone guess what this is? When we were out on the sunset cruise the night prior we saw that you could walk forever out on the sandbank since it was low tide. So we headed out there for sunset and it was gorgeous! You had to wade across some really shallow water at times, but you could walk out really far Looking back at the island from out on the sandbank The water is really shallow, but the tide was coming in. I was okay until Raymond stepped somewhere and almost stepped on a sand crabbie! He moved