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Campervan Adventures in Iceland: On our way!

Hello again! Time for another update - this time from Iceland! Iceland is somewhere I have always wanted to go, but never got around to. Why? Well, I figured one of these times flying back to the states I would find one of those magical tickets that lets you have a layover there and doesn't cost a fortune, but up until now that never happened. So why did we go now? I'm glad you asked. Early this year I was planning vacation time out and Raymond still had a lot to use up before June so I was looking for somewhere fun to go in May. Somewhere not too far, somewhere we didn't have to fly to. Somewhere we could rent a campervan here in Berlin again and drive to. I really loved our last adventures in one and was excited to try out a different model. I also wanted hiking adventures, but in most of the big mountainous places May is too early as they are still covered in snow.