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Kungsleden Day 2

After our first rainy day of hiking we woke up to a gorgeous sunny day. The second day was the best day we had as it was the only day we didn't have any rain (though the clouds did roll in in the evening). It was also incredibly gorgeous - the best scenery of the trip in my opinion. We woke up early and started hiking like we did while hiking the PCT. The first thing we did that day was hike up above the tree line where we remained until the last day while hiking out. It was great as you could see everything around. We hiked through a valley all day and we kept going over a ridge and and it would open up and you could see more. It was like every time I thought man this is amazing! Then the next ridge - this is even better! And better and better. It was incredible. We also saw a lot of reindeer which was exciting. Now on to the photos! Our second meditation spot.    View of the lake we would walk along most of the day from the meditation spot.